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About Us

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Vision & Mission

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Company Profile

Spicing Up The World Since 60 Years
We are the Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers of all kinds Spices, Pulses, Dry Fruits, Herbs, Coarse Grain, Oilseeds, Cattle Feed, Food Colors, oils and all kinds of Foodstuff. We also Export General Merchandise and large variety of Organic and Agro Products of Indian origin.
In a brief span of less than last three decades, with a special focus on export of these commodities, our firm “VACCO EXPORTS” has established itself as a reputed Government Recognized STAR Export House status holder and it enjoys excellent reputation in the market and the Goodwill of its suppliers, buyers, bankers and the business fraternity in this segment. Vacco Exports have registered a continuous growth in volume of its exports and foreign exchange earnings during this period.

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